Course curriculum

  • 1

    The Basics To Understanding Financial Aid

    • This module covers: why universities do (or don't) offer scholarships, the pricing equation that universities use to determine aid, and how much universities actually cost.

  • 2

    Private Scholarships vs. Other Types Of Scholarships

    • This module covers: merit/academic scholarships and the stipulations, departmental scholarships or other institutional scholarships, athletic scholarships, transfer scholarships, and private scholarships.

  • 3

    Organizing The Scholarship List

    • This module covers: organize your list of colleges and essays, creating a scholarship spreadsheet, and how to spot spam scholarships.

  • 4

    How To Find Private Scholarships

    • This module covers: 5+ sites to check to find scholarships, tips for finding real scholarships, and what are competition scholarships.

  • 5

    Tips For Finding Scholarships

    • This module covers: more tips for spotting spams, how much time you should spend, and how to keep organized throughout the process.

  • 6

    Timeline For Applying For Scholarships

    • This module covers: when to start applying to scholarships, being proactive, and tips for your junior and senior year.

  • 7

    Writing The Scholarship Essay

    • This module covers: looking at the audience of the scholarship committee, tips for writing a vibrant essay, the grocery store analogy, and common scholarship essay topics and how to answer them.

  • 8

    What To Do After Winning A Scholarship

    • This module covers: steps to take after winning a scholarship, minimum qualifications scholarships might have, and communication tips.

  • 9

    Tips For Filling Out The FAFSA

    • This module covers: what you need to know about the FAFSA, the difference between the CSS and FAFSA, and CSS and FAFSA tips.