Course curriculum

  • 1

    Regular Admission vs. Rolling Admission

    • This module covers: how to build your college list, and the difference between regular admission and rolling admission.

  • 2

    What is Early Action

    • This module covers: what is early action, what to consider when applying early, and the rules of early action.

  • 3

    Restrictive Early Action

    • This module covers: restrictive early action, the rules of REA, demonstrated interest, and the different outcomes of REA.

  • 4

    Early Decision

    • This module covers:what is early decision, the rules of ED, yield rate, and ED I vs. ED II.

  • 5

    Should I Apply Early?

    • This module covers: when to apply early and when NOT to apply early.

  • 6

    Can I Change My Mind?

    • This module covers: what it means if you are waitlisted and if you can change your mind if you are accepted when applying ED, EA, and REA.

  • 7

    What If I Am Not Accepted?

    • This module covers: what to do if you are waitlisted or deferred, and a good strategy for applying to colleges.